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“My name is Sara, and I am a student participating in the Crescenta-Cañada College Advisor Program. This program has ultimately changed my life in such a strong way–before I was introduced to the program, I was lost, depressed, and had never felt so unsure about my future. My parents were telling me what to do, and I felt as if my future did not rest in my own hands. Instead, I felt as if I had to follow what my parents wanted me to do in my future. The pressure was so high that I began to lose my positive attitude about what my future was going to hold after high school. Fortunately, my soccer coach, Mr. David Lans, saw the unhappiness that rested inside me, and he wanted help me get out from this deep hole that I felt trapped in. Coach Dave helped me by putting me into this program which set me up with the college advisors: Lori Cochran and Mohammed. These two helped take the pressure of college away from my parents and me. They continue to check up on me every day and their aid has been the helping hand I needed to get out of the hole I was stuck in. I am utterly grateful for them, Coach Dave, and this program.”

– Sara, Senior, Verdugo Hills High School


I am so thankful for this program. The Crescenta-Cañada College Advisor program has helped me see a big and bright future. I’m an incoming junior in high school and I’ve always been indecisive of what I want to do when I grow up. This program and my coaches have opened up new doors and opportunities that I never knew I had. I am more sure about my future and less worried, all thanks to the Crescenta-Cañada College Advisor program. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and confidence my coaches provide me.

-Alex, Junior, Eagle Rock High School


I had a great experience with Crescenta-Cañada college advisor. I’m an incoming sophomore, and at the beginning of high school I was very unsure of how the next four years would play out or what I should even be aiming to achieve. I took the strengths and interests assessment and it clearly laid out all of the jobs that I would be successful at, which really helped me gain some perspective on what career I want to work towards. Also, my coach gave me a lot of insight into what my chances would be to get into my choice universities, and the steps that i have to take to get there. Now, I know what classes and extracurriculars I want to participate in because Crescenta-Cañada college advisor helped me see my options and motivate me to work hard for my dream school.

-Yasmin, Sophomore, Crescenta Valley High School