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Mohammed Elzanaty, Director

I have taught and mentored many students throughout the years. It’s been gratifying to see many of my past students become very successful. I’ve seen firsthand how personalized guidance can considerably expand a student’s options, and transform their attitude about college and beyond. Last year, I began looking into outside help for my students to assist them in getting into their dream college, when I discovered College Choice Today.

College Choice Today combines a science and research based approach, an easy-to-use digital platform, and mentoring/coaching to help all students reach their desired level of academic achievement. Often, students are not sure of what careers they want to pursue, or what school is the best fit for them. In such cases, students simply need personalized guidance to show them their potential, provide opportunities, and assist in the difficult process of choosing a school.

That is why I decided to partake in providing help to students by partnering with a very well-established company, College Choice Today, to make this necessary service available to our neighborhood students through my company, Crescenta-Cañada College Advisor.


Lori Cochran, College Coach

Senior Vice President, CCT

Lori has over 20 years’ experience in helping students and parents find their right school and career path.

Lori is responsible for leading the national team of coaches that work with all students and career changers. Lori brings an understanding of the educational process but more importantly understands how to provide the best fit solution to the individual and family. Since her time with CCT, she has supported over 800 students and career changers, helping them make an informed decision in both education and career.

She has an advanced degree in psychological services and presents on a regular basis to students, parents, schools, and communities (both domestic and international) on key issues in career and education.

In addition to placing her five children into college, she is the varsity lacrosse coach for Baylor University.

Kristen Mascheroni, Associate

Having a mentor throughout the college or career search process can be significant for those looking to further their education and career experiences. As someone who has been through both college and career searches in my own life, I understand how overwhelming it can be to consider all of your options.

My own college hunt led me to Oregon State University, where I received my BS in Human Development. I am currently working towards getting my teaching credential, as well as my M.Ed. in Teaching, at Azusa Pacific University. I know that I was fortunate to have had the college experience I did and hope to help others find their own path towards a fulfilling experience, as is fit for their own individual needs and traits. As much as I believe the classroom matters, I also believe that finding the right environment, field of study, and location can be just as impactful for those looking into colleges or careers.

I look forward to helping students achieve their college and career goals during this very exciting time!